Meet Keisha, aka @fitnesswithkeisha , our latest muse we've loved chatting to this week. Keisha is an online coach helping women reach their goals whether that is physically, mentally and or spiritually. She's an oh-so inspiring wellness guru, particularly helping women with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). Keep reading to learn more and to delve into Keisha's wonderful words.


What’s your favourite song you’re currently listening to?

My fav song at the moment is Crossfaded by Don Toliver - I can't get over his new album, it's so good!


What is it about being an online fitness coach that brings you joy?

I absolutely love the ladies I work with, I'm so invested in their journey and their success. Seeing women achieve their body goal, build a sustainable lifestyle and still enjoy their social lives makes me happy, especially women with PCOS. Helping them reverse their symptoms, and regain their confidence.


You talk openly about having PCOS on social media, what’s something you’d like to share with us to bring awareness? And what would be your top tip for reversing PCOS? 

PCOS is something that isn't spoken about or researched enough, and I'd like to raise awareness on this because women's health is so important. We always think we need to turn to physical fitness to see 'change', but we also need to pay attention to our mental health. Whilst I help ladies achieve their physical body goal whilst reversing their PCOS symptoms, I'd like to raise a lot more awareness on the mental health aspects of it. Because being able to take care of yourself mentally, navigate stressful situations and be mindful on a daily basis all can help reduce cortisol levels and reduce insulin resistance so women with PCOS can find it easier to reverse their symptoms.


You cannot get rid of PCOS but you can reverse its symptoms. Many women come to me with irregular or no periods - so my top tip for that is to be able to understand your body by caring for your body, keep your diet PCOS friendly whilst eating foods you love -  and keep your workouts PCOS friendly too. Stay accountable and disciplined - you got this cyster!


What’s your go-to recipe for Autumn/Winter?

It has to be my PCOS friendly Biscoff baked oats (recipe on my Instagram). I made this the other day and had a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream on the side of a slice of warm Biscoff oats (it's like a flapjack) - it was SO good!


What’s new in your city you like to go to/ can’t wait to visit?

Not new but my local Waitrose is stocking little moons again that I can't wait to stock up LOL.


What does self-care mean to you?

Self care means putting my favourite songs on, cooking, working out, dancing in the shower and spending time with myself. It means getting my crystals out and meditating for about 20 mins before bed and being in the present moment. 


Who’s someone you find super inspiring?

My late Nani (grandma). Growing up I was super close to her, she passed away when I was young but she took care of me growing up. I knew all that she had been through, taking care of a big family as an independent lady. She was strong, kind, giving and selfless - she's always inspired me and will always inspire me.


POV: it’s midweek, it’s getting dark outside, and we’re not feeling 100. How do we stay motivated?

Scrap motivation. Believe it or not, I don't always feel motivated. It's cold now and the duvet is way more tempting, but what do I do? I get my ass up and get in the gym anyway, because discipline will always top motivation for me. So if you don't feel like going to the gym or working on your goal - remind yourself why you started - remind yourself of what your going to achieve and remind yourself that it's not about putting in 100 every day. Even if you can be 0.1% better than yesterday that is still progress and always choose progress over perfection!


Finally, if you had to pick one thing you’re loving at the moment, be it a recipe, skincare product, book, whatever. What are you dying to share with us?

My app🥰. OKAY so I am dying to share this with you because in one app I make sure the ladies on board my coaching don't just have constant access to chat to me but they also get 6 different yummy meals to choose from every single day (being a brown girl, I love my flavoursome food - so there's lots of that). They have workouts tailored to them and on top of that they also have exclusive access to my zoom classes! Where we get that booty pumped, meditate, do yoga and live our best lives together.