What can we expect from KRUPA ET AL this year?

Oh, this is going to be an exciting year!! Our approach to fashion focuses on small, exclusive collections inspired by various ERAs. We’re seeing a big trend in 80s/90s inspired pieces so we are really excited to see how our ideas are received.



Who would be your dream icon to wear KRUPA ET AL? And what piece do you think they’d wear?

Hailey Bieber❤️ LOVE her style, she’s so versatile & can rock a simple T with perfection. DEFFF see her wearing Athens, Paris or Georgia.



What is it that makes the ATHENS launch so special to you?

This mini collection is so special because it’s been brought to life by our community! We had the idea to design to a classic 90s style shirt & we used a sample in a campaign shoot.

The response was AMAZING. We had to release the style! The colours & the name were dreamed up by our community❤️



What things do you do to stay inspired & motivated?

It may sound cliche but taking time to enjoy the simple things - from a glass of wine and a good playlist, to listening to my favourite podcast.

Owning your own business you tend to get bogged down in the everyday tasks, so making sure you have time for your thoughts and pleasures is a must! ❤️



Finally, what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever worn & lived to regret?

Ummm where do I even begin?!

I was known as a 'hippy teen', which in todays trends works but back then I wore EVERY piece of jewellery known to man, matched with the wild tie die t-shirts!

Loving how it is all coming back full circle now! ❤️ xx