This year has been a rollercoaster for most. The plans or goals you set out at the beginning of the year have either been postponed or discarded entirely. The trips and holidays you were eagerly awaiting have been cancelled or pushed back to... who knows when.
And with most of us working from home our days are now filled with zoom calls, choosing which pair of sweatpants to wear and finding the right background for your live video. It’s all strange as we embrace this new way of living.
That’s why finding a balance with your personal and professional life is more important now than ever.


 It begins with taking a few hours every week to do something for yourself - going on a long walk, listening to some feel good music, partaking in a home facial - and forcing yourself to continue this activity even as some weeks become busier than others.  If possible, set a boundary between the area where you work and play as this will help you separate your work responsibilities, giving you a space for relaxation. 

This could also be the time to explore that hobby you’ve been partly dabbling in; it will reduce your overall stress levels making your work more efficient giving you more time for yourself.